NEWS: “Instrumental Narratives” 2018-22: an international Partnership

The Academy of Finland has funded the international Project  “Instrumental Narratives: The Limits of Storytelling and New Story-Critical Narrative Theory” (2018-2022) directed by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies (“Narrare”) at the University of Tampere. The Hannah Arendt Center for Political Studies is honored to participate as a Partner of the Project.


“The obligation to have obligations” (June 20th, 2018)

June 20th, 2018
Aula Messedaglia, Chiostro Santa Maria delle Vittorie (Veronetta)


Emilia Mickiewicz
(Lecturer in Legal Theory, Newcastle University Law School)
The obligation to have obligations. Legitimacy of International Law

Open Lecture


Matteo Nicolini
(Dip. Scienze giuridiche, Università di Verona)
Olivia Guaraldo
(Dip. Scienze umane, Università di Verona)


Political Responsibility and Political Judgement (June 7th, 2018)

June 7th,  2018

3 p.m., Room D4 (“Olimpia”)
(Department of “Culture e civiltà”, 3rd floor  – Via San Francesco 22, Verona)


Daša Duhaček (University of Belgrade)

“Political Responsibility and Political Judgment
in Hannah Arendt’s Philosophy”


Open Lecture



The Phd Program inScienze umanistiche”

in collaboration with the Hannah Arendt Center for Political Studies