“Democrazia sorgiva” (Cortina, 2019). A conversation with Adriana Cavarero (video, it.)

Populism, democracy and political action. A conversation with Adriana Cavarero

Watch the Video (Italian language)   

Participants: Adriana Cavarero, Olivia Guaraldo, Daniele Bassi, Giacomo Mormino (Hannah Arendt Center for Political Studies at the University of Verona)






Carlo Galli on Carl Schmitt and Political Realism

We are delighted to publish the following text:

Carlo Galli, “Carl Schmitt e il realismo politico”.pdf

Carlo Galli is Honorary Professor in Political Philosophy at the University of Bologna.


Due to Covid-19 emergency, Spring Arendt Seminars have been cancelled. We sincerely thank prof. Galli for the kindness and concern with which he provided us all with this precious contribution.